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storm 30 °C

So I thought I should tell you all about an experience in Phnom Penh with the monsoon rain.

We've had some rainy days while we've been here; apparently it's what it does and you get used to it. However, the day before we were set to leave for Siem Reap the rain had something else in mind.

Having set out to check email early doors the heavens quickly opened. After 20 mins or so it was coming down thicker and faster so safety was sought in a local restaurant. Usually, monsoon rain lasts for a couple of hours and has dried up in no time, leaving little trace that it was ever there, and that was what we expected to happen. An hour later, however, and the water had covered the road, overflowed onto the pavement and before much longer it was lapping at the doorway of the restaurant. At this point, we were still confident that it would stop raining and drain away pretty soon so we thought we'd sit it out and have some dinner. Slight problem though, no money! We'd only planned to be out for a short while and having read the many warnings about how many muggings apparently happen in Phnom Penh we'd left most of our cash back at the hotel. Being the gentlemen that I am I volunteered to go and get the cash from the hotel...if only I'd known what I was letting myself in for! I took a deep breath, tried hard not to think about the dead rat we'd seen on the pavement on our way to the restaurant, and waded in. After only a few steps out of the restaurant the water was ankle deep. Before long the water was up to my knees, then to my thighs (forcing me to sexily pull my shorts right up and dazzle the local population with a whiteness they've never seen before!). In addition to this things kept hitting my legs, and with no idea what they were an inner monologue occured:

"What was that?"
"A leaf"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course, can't you tell by the way it wraps around your leg??"
"Hmmmmm.....OK something hard just hit me"
"That was just one of them hard leaves"
"Hard leaves?? You're trying to tell me that....wait, that was definately furry!"
"A furry leaf I think you'll find"
"A furry leaf?!?"
"Oh sure, it's good luck being hit by the Cambodian furry leaf"
"A Cambodian furry leaf, you've got to be kidding...bloody hell that was a door!"
"You got me, that was actually a door"

And so this continued all the way to and from the hotel. On the way back I had possibly one of my favourite moments from our time away. As I waded through the hard, furry leaves I noticed a half sunken Tuk Tuk. I stood for moment and was saddened by it's half sunken predicament. While standing there, brolly in one hand, a set of flip flops in the other (I had to leave my shoes at the restaurant ) I heard a distant and hopeful "Tuk Tuk?". Looking up I saw a smiley man, the obvious owner of said sunken Tuk Tuk, looking at me with a cheeky grin. We both contemplated for a few moments before deciding that I was possibly best left to wade the streets myself.

2 hours (and a rather lovely meal) later we were very kindly driven to higher ground by the staff at the restaurant who managed to get an impressive number of people and a mopeds onto a pick up truck and made our way back to our hotel where we sat and watched people optimistically riding mopeds through tidal waves from our balcony. Impressively, the following morning all was (relatively) dry.

Sue will be with you soon to update you on our movements since the great flood!
Much love


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